Monday, January 31, 2011

:,,,,,) Year of the Rabbit

Beau Buck is one of my very dear friends, and he currently has a show up at the URBN 543 gallery ( I will post pictures up ASAP) and these jackrabbits are amazing and beautiful.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world because look what I got in the mail today?

" It's you if you was a rabbit "

In a fire this is coming with me.

But what can't this guy do? He also gets to be engaged to my beautiful sweet friend Gabrielle.

Please check out all of his amazing work.


  1. I WANT...back that up...NEED a Rabbit!!! Tell him to get his store up!!!
    Its nancy!

  2. oh ... oh... ohhhhhhhh....... they are the best best best best best and i miss them. i miss their sweet faces and sweet everything ... oh i miss them, and i love this bunny

  3. So beautiful! You got a truely special piece! I got a tour of Beau & Gabrielle's house when Beau was first starting this project. The show looks more amazing than I imagined!
    XO becky