Monday, March 28, 2011

Eyes burn

I had no idea I would love working at Space 1026 as much as I do. At first I just thought I had another studio space, and really what's the big deal. But actually I love it. It's huge in comparison to all of my studios in the past and because my drafting table is so big, I can actually see what I am making.

I love it. I love drawing with James and Lance, and our visitors Bill, Hui, and Matt. 

Key to Productivity = I have no computer. Just me some books and drawins.

I will keep you updated to awesometown.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Alejandro Jodorowsky's baby boy. I can't tell if I like it or I am totally intrigued by it. Strange.

Elizabeth Taylor

With her violet eyes and fabulous marriages, R.I.P

Of course drawings to come soon.

Could Covers

The lack of laughter does not equal more productivity.

I count my lucky stars everyday that I get to work with lovely people, make things, and that anyone ever would want my art.

The world these days feels entirely too connected. The inundation of social media is giving way to new social media anxieties, of who is doing what and better and faster and newer.

I now appreciate and with more fondness the beauty of "slow" media.

Print, real Mail, going to look at art in an environment, feeling feelings, being with people. Support crafters, artisans, people and their ideas and their need to make.

I await the day where my fast paced world will give way to an opening into a way of life entirely of my choosing, with all the people I am lucky enough to love.

Have the clouds break way to the sunshine you carry.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Natalie Off Duty

Natalie, I gotta get you your art so you can take down that photo of me in your room.

Love you and your hot sister, Dylana.

Panama Hat

Sweet Mack

There are few people in the world that makes me want to jump out of my socks to hug the hell out of them, and Mack's new hairdo makes me feel shy all over.

Check out her sweet blog, where you get just a fraction of her sweet thoughts.

Kelly Turso

Kelly Turso is one of the most talented photographers I know. 

When I do a giant painting on wood, she flys down and takes the hi-res photo for me and she always knows exactly how the paintings should look.

On that note, here is opening night through her eyes.

West Philly

Kids from Hawaii kids from the Bay, island Mom, I feel at home.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today's fashion inspiration, with my khaki belted jacket and panama hat is the film Indochine starring Catherine Deneauve. Nothing is more stylish and heartbreaking than French Indo China.

Where the French came and colonized Vietnam and brought baguettes, coffee and heartbreak.

Morning, sweet darlin'