Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Bloom

Yes I talk to my plants, and for new years I asked for a flower.... It bloomed today...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Nite


I might have been feeling strange this past holiday but I can just tell you this email and photo brightened my day up like a meteor:

" my really cool friend, who happen to be an art director, saw ur art work as it arrived at my apt,recommended an agency that might fit for your style.

I'm wondering if it's okay for me to send a letter to them stating ur the baddest bitch?? "

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sketchbook Mondays

Sketchbook doodles with headphones. I've never worn headphones so much in my life than now.

My visit with Brielle and Jerrod who said the above quote, along with the genius "Snowy Deschanel" when we looked out and saw snow outside in the morning.

Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Friday, December 24, 2010

GIft of the Magi

So it happens things come full circle.

"Gift of the Magi"

By O Henry is one of my very very favorite stories. This illustration is from one of my very favorite illustrators Lisbeth Zwerger.

Tonite my Christmas Eve has gone full circle. When I first moved to Philadelphia, I went to see Lord of the Rings: Two Towers on Christmas Eve. It snowed, I had never seen snow so I used an umbrella. Tonite J.R. Tolkein turned into J.K. Rowling and I waited to see Harry Potter. But this time I had a fellow west coaster in tow, so now after a bottle of red wine, I am very glad. That Ron and Samwise Gangee had something to illuminate the nite with, Nerd Alert.

XXX Merry Xmas.

Old Sketch

I drew this drunk at an airport and I just found it. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Drawing for Food

I am not sure if I talk about this too much but I also have a Food Blog with the awesome Hawk Krall, and the Philly Daily News decided to interview us on Video.

Whoa strange. I look and sound wierd, I don't know how any of you are still friends with me.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Past

Christmas Present

Christmas Future

D.S. & Durga

For Myself and For sweet Carrie Yotter I purchased these amazing perfumes from  DS & Durga  at Shari's wonderful store Reward.

I am pretty sure I have a huge crush on these scents, with names like "Cowboy Grass" and "Mississippi Medicine" and "Indian Childhood" and all the lovely shades of Amber and Black. 

I think one day I want to own them all, but until then I will be wearing "Cowboy Grass" which smells like Sage, Vetiver , campfires and fresh tracked grass. Carrie got "Mississippi Medicine" which I loved so much too, which smells like Whiskey, Incense, and Leather.

They are made in small batch tinctures and packaged so beautifully it made my heart cry and sing. They are also all made in Brooklyn by a sweet couple. Which also warms my heart to no end.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Art Gallery

John Shipman who curates the Art Gallery at Maryland University is awesome. Galleries and Art organization stress me out, but this guy, no he is the best. And it makes me want to do my best. Here is my favorite drawing for the upcoming Poetic. Aesthetic. Show where John pairs up artists with poets.

I am paired up with Linda Pastan.


New lifes

Drawing 4 Lyf

I was asked to be in a group show in a laundry mat somewhere in South Philly, and I said No at first. Because I'm old, I can't churn it all out like I used to, and I am a little more self conscious of what I am putting out these days. 

So out of all the people in the group show offered even though I loved all the people in the show, I was willing to do a 2 man show. 
So I said "If James Ulmer will do the show, I will do it with only him, or I'd rather just do the next show. You'll pull better work from your artists the less people are involved."

Little did I know that James said that he wouldn't do the group show, but if I did it, he'd do it. 
So Game On. 
Jame's new work is mind blowingly awesome. I'm really proud of showing with James in, um, a laundry mat? But I was promised a dance party at the opening?

So look out Philly, there is a killer drawing show coming up in Spring.

Check out all these amazing drawings on James' Blog. We will try to pre-game with a collaborative zine of sorts.......