Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Gorgeous Free People Shoot.

Natalie Off Duty looking really damned cute aaaaand me getting to be the Danny Devito of this relationship.

Here is super lovely and beautiful Chao from China, who told me I looked like the same kind. ( Amaazing ) But in reality these guys are not only beautiful in real life but with make up and hair and a new wardrobe with heels, next to them,  I look a little ridiculous. I get to be shown with them as a regular civilian in what I showed up to work in, I love feeling so sub par as a lady. Again the Danny Devito of this relationship.

Where's my Rea Pearlman?


  1. HAHAH omg i love this!! awesome post chickadee. we look sizzlin :)))

  2. This really makes me want to go back to Philly! Miss you!