Monday, October 11, 2010

Exit by R Kelly

Trying to draw, trying to design clothes, can I live? But right now I am slacking off and updating this situation.

It's pouring and raining and I'm in my studio listening to R Kelly and being really really glad about life right now. Turns out dancing by yourself at home in the dark, is pretty awesome. (don't judge)

I have a power animal and her name is Ako.


My heart is glad to be in Philly but all of sudden I had pangs for Tokyo. So here are more trip highlights.

view from my room in the Cerulean Excel

I love old Japanese comics

Jill Just got a new Hat and this Kapital Store is beautiful

It rained a lot.

Samson's Amazing outfit and always good poses. That shit is natural.

The women's Kapital Store, it's a garage converted to a living room.

My new vintage shoes.

This is the Women's Kapital, it's a garage converted into a livingroom. My dream livingroom.

Ok, my dream shave ice machine, I'm going to find one of these, and open a shave ice stand.

Okura the beautiful Indigo wash store where I wanted to own all the blazers.

The ever gorgeous Saya Oshima

What I love about Tokyo are the temples tucked away in the city. Because they don't go anywhere but the city around them grows and changes. Saya and I paid a visit. This one is in Ebisu behind some bars. It was a temple for love and happiness. Which explains all the love hotels and bars. We woke up some gods and shouted our names. But we made sure to wash our hands first.

The amazing Ryohei Tanaka, couldn't just make ordinary paperdolls, but make some Lupin and Giggan dolls.

Doesn't get better

Shibuya is a hard place to find something to eat that isn't touristy. Here is Saya and a wierd secret cafe tucked away that would never have attempted to go to, untill she showed me. It felt like I was in World War II Paris.

Tokyo I miss you.

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