Monday, October 11, 2010


Letter to My Love for You:


Let me preface this show

Ako and I went to school together at CCAC ( yes we still had the Craft  back then )

It was a pretty amazing time during school, I went to school with such amazing artists as Caitlin Kuhwald, Chris Duncan, Deth P Sun, Rob Sato, Ryohei Tanaka, Adam 5100, and of course Ako. Ako and I had the same haircut, but we were a couple of years apart, and people in our classes started mixing us up in illustration class. One day our friend Liz Tilly ( who makes hats for the San Francisco Opera ) said we should be friends. And we kind of became friends. But now we are forreals friends. We kept in touch and the magic was born.

It's rare to find ladies who are drawers, and really good ones at that are very intimidating. What the hell is going through there head I think? Ladies who can rock a pen and paper to this day steal my heart. Ako to me is one of the greatest artists I have the pleasure of knowing.

So here you go Meighan, Thanks for keeping up with my art and the shows, I hope I see you, but even more so, I hope you catch this show which is a rare sight i think. It's close to my heart and the art is on point.


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