Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Required Reading

Life is really amazing and strange and wild. 
Whenever I tell people where I am from they always say "why are you here?"
And why am I still here?
Lately I've been playing the friend card shuffle, and people in Philadelphia might be my favorite people in the world. Maybe you don't live here, or are from here, but I met you while I lived here which makes this place the coolest. 
Sure our subway makes no sense, and it's cold and there is trash everywhere. 
But everyone I've ever met here, even the wierd awkward ones that may not even like me...
hey fucking I LOVE YOU.
The world is so big, we're so lucky to have each other.


  1. wow, those are the sweetest words ever... why do you inspire me so??

  2. cute! things happens for a reason. i love that you still spell weird wierd!

  3. doobie stop callin' out my spelling, dang girl!

  4. Fucking love you back! Philly who knew?

  5. Zach!!!! You and Lydia get free Kris Chau babysitting if I can get a show in oscars room.....