Thursday, September 30, 2010

Print Club

Japanese people are strange.

For as many lovely things Japan holds, it's got some wierdo things. Like how it's still 1975 in a wierd way, people smoke indoors, women aren't train conductors or chefs, there is absolutely no wi-fi anywhere.

But no one does retro like the Japanese, or a beautiful kind of quality that is definately inefficient but is made for the pure beauty of it, like buying all the original denim looms from America and producing beautiful Japanese denim.

Or there are things like Print Club, pirikura, where no boys are allowed. Girl's only, mostly schoolgirls so they can take cute pictures of each other and trade them. The messed up part is, all the machines now have this digital enhancer that makes your eyes bigger? Saya and I already got some large peepers, so it basically just made us look insane. We had to take the time to make our eyes " natural "

After awhile all the floodlights that make your face kind of flat, and the overly cute Japanese girl voices talking to me and giving me options started to make me feel crazy. So I got really tired and just wanted to leave.


  1. you look like Lana

  2. I wish i looked like Lana in real life, what a babe