Sunday, September 12, 2010


My sweet friend Kristal Hill, had on these super cute shortie harness boots at work, when I inquired about them she told me she cut her old ones into the shorties.

"With what?" I asked.

" With my Ginghers, I thought it would be hard but it was super easy "

Um, went home and cut my calf hieght boots into super awesome ankle shorties. I didn't have Ginghers but I had my equally sharp sewing Fiskars ( Thanks Mary Gough, they are still so sharp) I whipped them under my Singer 221 Featherwieght which sews denim and soft leather like a champ. I loves.

I love them and I have a new already broken in Fall shoe. Thanks Kristal Hill.


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  1. I did the same thing to a pair of boots recently! Weren't you sew excited when you realized your machine could work on those babies