Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Frank's got some great lookin' legs.
I lost all of my SF photos. Damn you new Iphone and the old Iphone back up. I'm an idiot, because I'm broke now, so if you want to buy any art holla at me so I can eat. Meanwhile here are some photos Jane Cho sent me. My sweet cousin Frank and his babe girlfriend Jane, allowed me to buy Frank some sweet new fall outfits. So here are some great shots of Frank in his new threads. Frank also convinced me to set up a twitter:chauface. Too much social media for me.


  1. super cute! ur in san fran?! come to LA and chill with me! :)))



  2. Cutest cutest natalie! Yes I will come to LA and make you take me out to eat. =)

  3. Oh I miss you. Danny is coming to visit us in NY next week. Well not just us, but others too, but I can pretend it's just about us. :)

  4. Christopher!!! I need to visit you and Mr No very badly as well!!!!