Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tiddies Biddies

Doub showed me a file folder she had just labeled 'boobs', woman after my own heart.

Hilarious flowers from Brielle, with a long back story.

For Brielle's 22nd birthday her mom called me at work at the Diesel store with this message:

"Chau Chau, buy Brielle a dozen multi-colored roses and balloons, because I want to blow her fucking mind ".

I was 23 with 15 dollars to my name, so I just told B to lie to her mom and say that I did all that. Um, so for my 30, Brielle did what I couldn't do at 23 and made my multi-colored rose dreams come true. Thanks Booz.

A great night at Jessie King's House, with Yotter.

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