Sunday, February 19, 2012


My stomach feels wierd.

This year in June I will have a small show at Bennas.

I get to curate a few last minute shows at Space 1026, where my studio is.

Hawk Krall will have a solo show at Space 1026 in July!

Rob Sato, Ako Castuera, and Ryohei Tanaka will have a 3 man show at Space 1026 in
October!***Thanks AKO for the correction, and this show might be a small excuse to have everyone come here. Narangkar if you're reading this you and Pete should come too and thank you for my mail! Should we send for Shiho and Skylar too?

This year will be great!

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  1. I just so happens that I *am* reading this.. :)

    And, yeah, we have a family reunion on the east coast in October, so it's possible we can stop in Philly! What's the exact date of the Rob/Ako/Ryo show at 1026?