Sunday, November 13, 2011

Smithsonian Weekend

I was just in D.C. drawing at the natural history museum.

It was like a drawing paradise, nothing moved and it was every animal ever. I will make a goal of drawing everything I see there and compile a book.

I finished Black Elk Speaks and wept a little. It proved to me that the closest you can get to your own natural instincts and believe in things that you can't see or hear is the closest you will ever get to being a magic being. Our current world is so full of things that take us away from that, that we all forget and we are lost.

Have a vision, have follow through, believe in something more than yourself, help someone for nothing in return, be glad of where ever you are, and let go of things not needed. You can be Magic.

My favorite room was the ancient ocean room, we love the little buddies.

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