Monday, April 25, 2011

My House Gallery

" Where it Begins and Where it Ends" is a group show I will be participating in at the My House Gallery at 2534 S 8th to be exact. 

The opening is May 13th, I won't get to be there because I will be roadtrippin' through the desert to wash my brain out. 

But I will try to swindle everyone into a closing. But please do go because a huge part of my work are the thoughts and doodles that I can't help but write down. So there will be a great collecton of the stuff that doesn't get seen when the finished show goes up. Below are some process photos and a few doodles.

Correction the opening is May 14th, XO Oh and my dear friend Jess Gary will be in town, and I dont get to be, if you see her let her know how cool Philly is.


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