Friday, December 24, 2010

GIft of the Magi

So it happens things come full circle.

"Gift of the Magi"

By O Henry is one of my very very favorite stories. This illustration is from one of my very favorite illustrators Lisbeth Zwerger.

Tonite my Christmas Eve has gone full circle. When I first moved to Philadelphia, I went to see Lord of the Rings: Two Towers on Christmas Eve. It snowed, I had never seen snow so I used an umbrella. Tonite J.R. Tolkein turned into J.K. Rowling and I waited to see Harry Potter. But this time I had a fellow west coaster in tow, so now after a bottle of red wine, I am very glad. That Ron and Samwise Gangee had something to illuminate the nite with, Nerd Alert.

XXX Merry Xmas.


  1. strange. frank just bought me this book.

  2. no way? hmmm that's wierd....I've had this book for years.....but the story I've known forever...I LOVE YOUR LOVE