Sunday, December 19, 2010

D.S. & Durga

For Myself and For sweet Carrie Yotter I purchased these amazing perfumes from  DS & Durga  at Shari's wonderful store Reward.

I am pretty sure I have a huge crush on these scents, with names like "Cowboy Grass" and "Mississippi Medicine" and "Indian Childhood" and all the lovely shades of Amber and Black. 

I think one day I want to own them all, but until then I will be wearing "Cowboy Grass" which smells like Sage, Vetiver , campfires and fresh tracked grass. Carrie got "Mississippi Medicine" which I loved so much too, which smells like Whiskey, Incense, and Leather.

They are made in small batch tinctures and packaged so beautifully it made my heart cry and sing. They are also all made in Brooklyn by a sweet couple. Which also warms my heart to no end.


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  1. Thank you Miss Chau - these are my favorites too! xoxoxo