Monday, December 13, 2010

Drawing 4 Lyf

I was asked to be in a group show in a laundry mat somewhere in South Philly, and I said No at first. Because I'm old, I can't churn it all out like I used to, and I am a little more self conscious of what I am putting out these days. 

So out of all the people in the group show offered even though I loved all the people in the show, I was willing to do a 2 man show. 
So I said "If James Ulmer will do the show, I will do it with only him, or I'd rather just do the next show. You'll pull better work from your artists the less people are involved."

Little did I know that James said that he wouldn't do the group show, but if I did it, he'd do it. 
So Game On. 
Jame's new work is mind blowingly awesome. I'm really proud of showing with James in, um, a laundry mat? But I was promised a dance party at the opening?

So look out Philly, there is a killer drawing show coming up in Spring.

Check out all these amazing drawings on James' Blog. We will try to pre-game with a collaborative zine of sorts.......

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